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Our Diabetic Shoes

For Diabetic Patients

Diabetic Footwear is a MUST for People With Diabetes

To be eligible for Medicare to cover your footwear purchases you need:

  1. To have your doctor fill out and sign our DIABETIC PATIENT FORM
  2. You need to come into our store in Lakewood, NJ and get a proper fitting.

STORE ADDRESS: 105 River Ave, Lakewood, NJ – 08701

Diabetic Company list

These companies supply 5500 qualified diabetic shoes. Not all their shoes they supply fit this qualification.

  • Drew
  • Orthofeet
  • Apex
  • Dr. Comfort
  • Apis
  • New Balance – minimal selection
  • SAS
  • Anodyne
  • PW Minor

If you have any questions regarding these companies you can e-mail for any of your questions.

For many of us, a bad shoe just gets left in no-man’s-land. You may end up with a blistered heel or a painful arch, but there’s nothing really to be alarmed about. However, for people suffering from diabetes, a bad shoe day can be very threatening. Wearing the wrong kind of footwear can cause serious problems – and sometimes, it can be so serious that an amputation is the only way to mitigate the damage.

Diabetic shoes are designed to greatly reduce the risk of skin ulcers and breakdown in diabetics – especially those who are already suffering from a foot disease.


Diabetic shoes for Men and Women are different from your traditional footwear. For starters, they are wider and deeper than average. This is so that the feet can freely move about without brushing against the shoes’ interiors. What’s more, many of these shoes are built in a way that doesn’t include any seams. The average shoe-wearer doesn’t mind seams. But for diabetics, seams can be troublesome as they can rub against the feet.

In addition to a deeper, wider build and some options with seamless interiors, these therapeutic shoes also tend to provide greater stability – reducing the likelihood of twisting the ankle or stumbling.